Living on a budget must be every student’s lifestyle. Normally, students cannot afford to spend recklessly and matters like Halloween parties stand out as financial obstacles. Not only that, but most of the great do-it-yourself costumes require so much time, not to mention the expenses. This Halloween, minimal is how you will grab attention. Here are the recipes for 5 costumes that cost less than 5 JDs each.


Old Man/Woman

You need:

• Old Looking Clothes [Free]

• Glasses [2JDs]

• Cane [Free]

• Bulky Purse [Free]

• Baby Powder [2 JDs]

Go through your parents’/grandparents’ wardrobe for old clothes. Glasses might not be available. You can buy a cheap pair downtown. They do not even need to be stylish. You’re old. No one cares how hot you are. The cane is a nice touch if you want to yell at teenagers. There must be a relative of yours who has a collection of those. Borrow one. On the other hand, the best thing about your grandma is her magical bag. It’s a must if you are an old lady. As for the hair, grey it up with baby powder.

For: Those who like to get a free pass to judge every single person at the party.


Where’s Waldo?

You need:

• Shirt/Sweater [Free]

• Duct Tape [2 JDs]

• Red Hat [Free – 2JDs]

• Glasses [1 JD]

If you have a red/white striped shirt, that’s perfect. If not, you can use a red shirt or a white one and make the stripes using duct tape of the other color. Same goes for the hat. If you don’t have one, hit the flea market. Now add toy glasses and voila!

For: Hipsters who want to remind everybody of their childhood.


Pop Art

You need:

Black Clothes [Free]

• Face Paint [5 JDs]

You can see black is a recurring color for clothes. It will turn the attention towards whatever else you do with yourself. The real work requires face paint and a brush to replicate the dots and some facial lines of Lichtenstein’s work. If you want to take it to the next level, you can express a certain emotion such as the tears in the picture.

For: Artists and drama queens.


Parasite-Clad Legs

You need:

• Black clothes [Free]

• Rubber Insects [3 JDs]

Peel-Off Skin

Preferably a dress for the young ladies and shorts for guys, wear all black to direct the attention towards the insects crawling up your legs. Book stores have endless supplies of rubber cockroaches and spiders. Choose the creepiest and glue the bugs on your skin. Make sure you don’t end up with super glue.

For: Those who find bugs attractive one way or another.

Mystery Man/Lady

You need:

• Trench Coat [Free]

• Floppy Hat [2 JDs]

• Boots [Free]

• Briefcase [Free]

A cliché clothing piece, but a trench coat is the most effective in terms of mystery. Second hand clothing is most welcome for this costume. High boots work better for ladies. But if you’re a guy you can wear your normal boots. The final touch that will make the secret darker is the briefcase that shall never be opened.

For: Those who want to look mysteriously seductive but not promiscuous.