Amer El-Mousa,

Songs do not necessarily appeal to every single taste or audiences. A song could be too old for some, too pop for some, or even too derogatory to others. That’s when new and upcoming artists, or even established artists, try to tackle songs from a different angle and give the song a complete makeover to make it more likeable by the different audience. This playlist collects 10 different songs from across the pop universe and reimagines them in a way that keeps the song fresh years after their initial release.



Marina & The Diamonds

Originally by 3Oh!3 & Katy Perry

A rare hit by 3Oh!3 and when Katy Perry was not really big household name, the original is very peppy and immature; just like 3Oh!3. Marina & The Diamonds transforms the song into something more emotional.


Melanie Martinez

Originally by Britney Spears

Britney’s signature song is stripped down into a one-woman show. Melanie’s raspy-yet-sweet vocals are haunting and reintroduce 2000’s biggest hit to a new generation.


Sexy Chick 

Paloma Faith

Originally by David Guetta & Akon

Gone are the hip hop beats and dance synths. They are replaces by an Amy Winehouse offspring who shows the true colors of the lyrics; a derogatory song for women.





Originally by Kelis

Goodnight Nurse

If your kind of party must include bands and rock music, and still should be twerk-friendly, this is the perfect cover. Keeping the original’s spirit and mixing it up with guitar riffs, no one in their right mind is going to hate this one.


Paper Planes 

Originally by M.I.A

This Century

M.I.A’s “Paper Planes” earned success because of Slumdog Millionaire. Replace the swag with guitars and you get yourself one hell of a cover.


Smooth Criminal 

Originally by Michael Jackson

Alien Ant Farm

There’s no denial that Michael Jackson is the King of Pop. But that doesn’t mean he cannot be reintroduced in a fresh-er manner. Enter Alien Ant Farm. This was probably their only hit.




Video Games 

Originally by Lana Del Rey

The Young Professionals

Lana’s debut single established her sound amongst her fans. But the title indicated something more upbeat and electronic. That’s exactly what this cover is; a reimagined cover with video game influences.


Hanging On 

Originally by Active Child

Ellie Goulding

Who’s Active Child? Well, before Ellie Goulding, they were non-existent. She took one of their songs and spread their name with her sweet limited vocals and impeccable taste in music.


Phantom of the Opera

Nicole Scherzinger

Originally by Andrew Lloyd Webber

This is the most surprising cover on the list. Nicole Scherzinger is better known as the face of The Pussycat Dolls; the group that does nothing but aim to sell music through sex appeal.


We were torn between two amazing covers for this song, so we thought you deserve to know both:

Sweet Dreams
(Are Made of This)

Originally by Eurythmics

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson is the creepiest artist out there, but that doesn’t mean he can’t make a good song. If you’re into pop music and dark heavy music, this combines both worlds perfectly.

Emily Browning

This is not a dance song, but rather a chill electronic one. The hauntingly overwhelming mood of the song is captured well with the orchestral implementations and Emily’s calm-slash-creepy vocal delivery.