Mira Karouta,

If you’re a gamer, you would already be aware of Ubisofts’ new title, Watch Dogs. If you’re an avid gamer and a Ubisoft follower, you’ve learned of the open-world games’ delay because of quality concerns and being annoyed about not getting it in time for Christmas. Thankfully, it wasn’t too long of a wait and we find that the wait was really worth it.

The game was finally released on May 27th, 2014, and Ubisoft claims that it was time well spent. One of the biggest reasons that caused the delay was noticing how repetitive the game was becoming once they put all the pieces together. The game’s main appeal is that everything in the world of Watch Dogs is hackable – from cell phones to security cameras, traffic signals and random citizens, and sure enough, things were getting very linear with things like AI and gameplay. From what it sounds like, the AI is probably the most obvious change we see.

This is because the writers have built up the identities of the characters that exist in the world and gave it a polish pass, doing things like creating random text messages and short conversations to add complexity and bring the characters to life. Whilst you’re hacking the people you pass on the streets with your smartphone, you’ll notice they have even more in depth profiles showing random details like their salaries and even web browsing history. The characters data is randomly pulled by the game by grabbing five pieces of information – first name, last name, age, occupation and curious fact, then compiling them into one. This makes it nearly impossible for you to find a character with the same characteristics twice, and helps create a sense of believability for the player.

Meanwhile, the animators took it upon themselves to add depth and complexity to how the AI reacts if you choose to hack publicly, which makes the player become even more immersed and careful about your actions in the Watch Dogs world.

Gameplay-wise, you can either choose to be a casual stalker and endlessly listen in on peoples phone calls and read their text messages or become a good Samaritan by hunting down the criminals of the city. The gameplay systems are endless in this open world of Chicago-themed city. You have a skill tree to work on skills like hacking, combat and crafting items. You can also either choose to be a silent assassin, or go on a killing spree. There’s also the good ol’ fashioned steal-a-car-and-get-chased-by-the-police fiasco involved. It’s pretty much the nerdy version of GTA with a touch of hipsterness. Only thing missing is the opportunity to take a #selfie in-game and tweet it.

*Available on PC, XBox 360, XBox One, PS3 & PS4

 A Fighter from Every Street

A timeless, button-bashing classic. We have all played at least one match of Street Fighter in our lives, and the fans have gone above and beyond the diehard status. Despite going for the sultry ladies of Street Fighter to start with, you’ll always end up finding and loving the identity of a particular character that’ll be your number one choice once you’re familiar enough with their moves.