1. My greatest challenge:

A. My life is too busy and disorganized

B. I get trapped in strong emotions

C. I’m bored and stuck in routine

D. I don’t know what the purpose of my life is

2. To me, pain is:

A. Negative energy and limitation

B. Insecurity

C. Unhappiness

D. Incapability

3. I want to work on:

A. Accepting myself just like I am

B. Expressing myself more freely

C. Improving certain weaknesses in myself

D. Being a better person to others

4. I approach the problems that I face:

A. With sharp actions

B. With extreme emotions

C. Indifferently

D. I seek other’s help

5. Out of these, the most valuable to me is:

A. Order and peace of mind

B. Love and connection

C. Fun and happiness

D. Purpose and contribution

6. My utopia would surely have:

A. Released negativity, limitation, and anxiety

B. Perfect relationships

C. Resolved fear and conflict

D. A set purpose to my life

 7. I want to, but still can’t:

A. Be me around everyone

B. Open up my heart

C. Break my mundane lifestyle

D. Be the most successful at what I do

 Results: If most of your answers were:

A – Uptight! You need to chill: You are somewhat self-conscious, and any bad omen can change your mood completely. You believe in the detrimental effect of negative energy, and you mentally allow it to limit the big goals you set for yourself.  Be more confident, and challenge the setbacks that you face, turning them into obstacles you once faced.

B – Dramatic! Your brain is somewhere else: You most definitely are an emotional person. You set your feelings as a compass to your life, allowing it to control the direction you head in. You are willing to give up almost anything in order to, not only find the one, but also to build firm relationships with the people you care about. Be wise when it comes to controversial issues, and don’t let your heart completely block out your brain.

C – Lost! Take a break: You always feel as though you are trapped in a maze with the same patterns repeated over and over again. You’re stuck in a monotonous lifestyle, that is not necessarily bad, yet you feel like it is suffocating you. You are willing to do whatever it takes to see a smile root up from your heart again. It’s pretty simple, make sure you are around the right people, take a quick vacation, and leave everything behind so that you can snap out of the boredom, and go back to your life appreciating all the good things in it. Happiness is found in the simplest things.

D – Overthinking! Walk the walk: You are spending so much more time trying to figure out why you live rather than actually living. You spend endless nights thinking about the true meaning behind life, that you don’t see that the answer is in the word itself, life. You also try to analyze the ultimate purpose behind everything you come across, that you tend to overlook the beauty of it. Do not tire yourself by overthinking everything, just let it be.