Nadine Haddad,

I was talking to my friend the other day and we were discussing relationships, you know, girl talk. I guess even though my friends and I haven’t been hurt, thank god, we still talk garbage about guys; can’t live with them, can’t live without them!

As we blabbed away, we discussed relationships between Muslim and Christian boys and girls. Honestly, I used to think that when a girl dates or loves a guy with whom she may not have a future, she is a, you know. I’m sorry for being harsh but that’s what I initially thought of the whole issue. What changed my mind was that my friend, who loves this sweet, caring and loving guy who treats her the best way possible. And I hope someone will come along her way just like him one day; those two love birds can’t be together for the difference in their religion. May be this isn’t fair for both of them, but then again, life isn’t fair either. We should simply learn to adjust to these rules that were put out there for us to follow. Of course you can always break the rules, but then people will turn against you; not all people are open-minded to respect others’ decisions that concern their own lives.

I thought about this issue because I saw a program that talked about it, and there was a really strong debate; naturally, there were two opinions, one against and the other was in favor of it. This is off the record, but when I say “them” I don’t mean to say that they are aliens; there are tens of such relationships but it’s a subject rarely spoken about, simply because it’s a taboo in our society. But any way, that show talked about the advantages and disadvantages of being in such a relationship, the advantages being the many, many holidays and gifts, which is kind of fun, also, having open-minded parents, and I’m going to tell you one of my personal advantages, which is that the love these couples have for each other takes them so far that they are willing to stand against the world, the saying “love concurs all” can be perfectly understood here.

The disadvantages, however, are that the children will be torn apart between two different lifestyles, there’s also the failure of people supporting one, or both of them in an argument, a problem, or even a fight because they would only remind the couple that by breaking those rules they have brought this on themselves.

Now, I asked my friend and her boyfriend separately about their thoughts and reflections on their dead-end relationship; she said that she never thought that she would end up in this kind of relationship but she got carried away. She thought of it as a mere fairytale that will always remain a fairytale. She’s still with him now, living each day to its fullest, madly in love with each other, and both knowing that their relationship will come to an end, and they can’t do anything about it. I guess we all know that when the guy is Muslim and she is Christian then it might be okay for them to get married but sadly this is not their case. This issue has raised a fair share of fights between them; they believe that this matter is completely out of their hands. While other couples fight about anything or everything, even if they can get married, they never embrace each moment they just fight about the silliest things; and that’s where inter-religious relationships gain advantage on ones of the same religion. It is hard for them to go out freely in front of people because she wouldn’t want a “black spot” on her reputation, and neither does he.

I always ask myself this question; what if a Christian guy wanted to take her out, what if he was a very good candidate, would she go out with him? Of course, I wouldn’t recommend that she cheats on her current boyfriend, but why shouldn’t she go out with the other guy, get to know him, and perhaps like him? After all, there might be a chance for them, being of the same religion, to fall madly in love, and perhaps one day even get married. Would her boyfriend be okay with that? Would she accept the other guy’s offer of going out? It is kind of hard on both them. But the question here is: till when will they be together?