Saria Kanawati,

In preparation for the U23 AFC, our U23 Olympic Football team was able to mark two victories in Bahrain’s training camp: one against Bahrain’s Olympic team, and the other against the Bahraini club, Al-Bsaitain. They won the first match against the Olympic team with a 2-1 score, while they defeated Al Bsaitain with a 1-0 score.
Group B from the AFC includes Jordan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Pakistan. It starts on the second of April, and ends on the 10th.

Jordan will be playing on the 4th against Pakistan, on the 6th against Turkmenistan, on the 8th against Kyrgyzstan, and on the 10th against Kuwait.

Stay tuned to find out more about our Under 23 Football Olympic team.