Saria Kanawati,

Amman is proudly hosting the West Asia Basketball Association basketball tournament for women at Orthodox Club from the 29th of March till the 2nd of April.

Al Wahdeh from Syria, Al Riyadi from Lebanon, Sireeyet Ramallah from Palestine, Al Fuhais from Jordan, and Orthodox club from Jordan will be the participating teams for the tournament.

The opening ceremony took place on Sunday. Right before the opening, Al Wahded played against Al Riyadi club where they lost with a 74-58 score. Afterwards, Othodox club played against Sireeyet Ramallah where they marked a huge victory of a 58-point-difference!
Sireeyet Ramallah will be facing Al Riyadi from Lebanon on Monday at 6, and Al Wahdeh will be playing against Al Fuhais at 8 pm.

The schedule for the coming days will be as follows:

Tuesday: Ramallah vs. Fuhais at 5 pm
Orthodox vs. Riyadi at 7 pm

Wednesday: Wahdeh vs. Ramallah at 6 pm
 Fuhais vs. Orthodox at 8 pm

Thursday: Riyadi vs. Fuhais at 6 pm
                Orthodox vs. Wahdeh at 8 pm

All games will take place in Orthodox Club’s basketball court.

Be there to cheer for your favorite team, and watch how competitive women’s basketball can be!