Sultan Abdel Hamid,

What is a migraine with aura? You get that excruciating headache, but right before it you get dizzy and start seeing zig-zags everywhere.

Are you passing through the light to the other world? No.. you have a migraine!

Aura migraines account for less than 20% of people who get migraines.

However, as scary as the symptoms might seem, it is after all just a migraine. Aura symptoms (prodromes)  include:

  • Blind spots and zig-zags
  • Blindness in half of your visual field
  • Numbness in your fingers and face
  • Weakness

These prodromes hit around 30 minutes before the actual headache. If so, you must take an NSAID such as Proxen to relieve the pain, and maybe cut short the aura and the after-headache.