For 12 years, On Campus has featured people from all over Jordan, from bloggers and athletes, to musicians and entrepreneurs. The cover has always been occupied by the brilliant Jordanian talents and provocative topics.

However, there’s a missing link here.OC does not magically produce itself every two months.There’s a dedicated and utterly creative team behind every issue. It’s time for our own talented writers to take over the cover and maybe even the magazine.

On Campus is a student magazine, where the whole team is made up of students and it is aimed at the youth of Jordan. It has been getting published for 12 years and every year marks a major milestone in its life. At one point, the magazine used to be published in one language. Then, each language got its own OC Magazine. Soon, we will be announcing the OC App, where you could manage your university life with ease using your smartphone, all while receiving the latest news of technology, movies and events in Jordan.

These are major changes. The magazine keeps on growing every year with the introduction of new team members that bring a distinctive flavor to the releases and the departure of great writers who have pushed the magazine forward.

12 is just a number. It does not require the magazine to suddenly change at this one time a year. Rather the development takes place throughout the whole year by a collection of top-notch writers who aren’t afraid to take the extra mile in order to express what’s on their mind.

This is why number 12 should not only be a celebration of the magazine growing older. It should also give credit to where it’s due; the writers who make the magazine despite leading hectic university lives.

This anniversary, it’s all about the writers, which is why we decided to reveal the faces of the people behind OC by featuring our talented staff on the cover. But it doesn’t stop there! The cover is nothing but the start of OC domination.

This is the first time we hold a photo shoot of this sort and we decided to take it one step further; commit to the theme of the issue. A profile for each writer is present for you to take an inside look on the lives of the contributors. Then, you can take a deeper look into their lives when you read about an influential event or object from the past 12 years. If you think it’s over, you must be mistaken. A number of our previous editors explain what their visions for the magazine were and how they worked to accomplish them.

Then, the fun begins. Every writer tweeted about a vintage or a retro object they own and they are featured here. It’s followed by showing gratitude to our team through personal and tongue-biting thank you notes.

On Campus is still young. And we are only just getting started!