Saria Kanawati,

Orthodox club in Amman hosted a wonderful week of Women’s Basketball on its home-court; however, it was unlucky  to get third place in its hosted tournament. Riyadi from Lebanon got first place; Al Wahdeh from Syria came in second; Orthodox club from Jordan came in third; Al Fuhais from Jordan came in fourth; and Sireeyet Ramallah from Palestine came in fifth (or last) place.

Alicia Magarian won the MVP of the tournament as well as the Best Scorer award, Aya Quraan from Jordan (Al Fuhais) won the best rebounder award, and Lama Moukaddem was crowned as the best three-point shooter.

It was an incredible tournament, relatively rich in audience! We would have loved to see to Jordanian teams do better, but we are still proud of the effort they put in!

The end of the tournament resumes the Senior Women’s National Basketball League.