Whether her favorite perfume has a floral fragrance, an eastern spices scent, a fruity aroma, a smell of refreshing green herbs or a velvet bouquet, a woman’s choice of fragrances reflects her own character, mood, qualities and weaknesses!

If you want to know more about yourself through your own perfume, then take this personality test by answering the following questions:


1. You’ve created your own line of perfume. You will call it:

a) Eve                                   

b) Essence of the Night                

c) Fragrances

d) Moon Water                                

e) Glow


2. Which celebrity would you choose to endorse your perfume?

a) Claudia Schiffer                           

b) Cindy Crawford                          

c) Madonna

d) Shakira                                           

e) Jennifer Lopez


3. What word would you prefer to describe your perfume with?

a) Classy                                              

b) Stylish                                             

c) Rich

d) Gentle            

e) Refreshing


4. Which word would you rather remove from your dictionary?

a) Wrinkles                                        

b) Diet                                                 

c) Dirt

d) Boredom                                       

e) Lying


5. If you could turn into an animal, which would you choose?

a) Deer                                                  

b) Cat                                                   

c) Fish

d) Butterfly                                        

e) Bird


6. The best quality in your dream partner is:

a) Independence                            

b) Resolution                                    

c) Generosity

d) Courage                                         

e) Honesty


7. Where would you rather spend your holiday?

a) On the Beach

b) A tour around the world                           

c) An isolated island

d) In a beautiful village                 

e) A fancy castle


8. Your favorite color is:

a) Blue                                                 

b) Green                                             

c) Red

d) Orange                                           

e) Pink


9. What kind of gift would you get for your girl friend’s special occasion?

a) Leather handbag                        

b) Silk shawl                                      

c) A simple dress

d) An oil painting                                               

e) Bouquet of roses


10. You love the smell of:

a) Freshly baked cookies                             

b) Flowers                          

c) Baby Powder

d) The Sea                                                          

e) Soil after a rainy day


11. What would you buy from an antique shop?

a) A decorated table                      

b) An old bed                    

c) A medieval chest

d) A small souvenir                                         

e) A gold mirror


12. Which landscape relates to your personality most?

a) Snow-capped mountains       

b) Wheat fields         

c) White sand Beaches

d) Tropical forests                                           

e) Flower gardens


Outgoing Woman :

If most of your choices were “a”: You are an open, outgoing woman. You’re dynamic, confident and organized. You succeed in balancing your career and family life. You acknowledge your own faults and weaknesses, but you don’t let them bother you because you have a lot of good qualities as well, and you know how to show them.

Favorite Perfume: Floral fragrances


Curious Cat :

If most of your choices were “b”: You’ve got a strong personality and a strong point of view. You love anything out of the ordinary. Uncertainty and ambiguity pique your curiosity and interest, but, at the same time, you hold on to your personal values, which makes you a hard person to forget.

Favorite Perfume: Eastern spices


Ocean Lover :

If most of your choices were “c”: You are a direct and natural person. You dislike praise and flattery and avoid superficial people. You love the green nature and feel comfortable and calm in its bosom. Your best excursions are on the beach. You don’t really hate city life because you’re a social person, but you can’t do without the sea and mountain because they give you energy.

Favorite Perfume: Refreshing green herbs.


Grownup Child :

If most of your choices were “d”: This means you are a vivacious lively woman who never lets an opportunity pass by without taking it. You also love to laugh and joke. Your favorite hobbies are shopping and spending great times with your girl friends. You have a simple way of treating life without overcomplicating or blowing things out of proportion, and therein lies your constant magical aura.

Favorite Perfume: Fruit Extracts


Classic :

If most of your choices were “e”: You’re a woman of delicate taste. You take care of your own special style and eloquence that are not affected by trends. You love beautiful things, even if they are too expensive, and, most times, you prefer quality over quantity. You love classic taste and hate crazy fashion.

Favorite Perfume: Velvet perfume