Sultan Abdel Hamid,

In the recent past, news organizations have been scratching their heads over the future of news. With the Internet, the social media, and the different ideologies of the upcoming generations, broadcast agencies have to think real hard over how to get across their news. But how will tech change the news?

  • Mobiles – everyone has gone mobile, especially with the fast speed of the Internet. News agencies have to put in mind how to reach people through their phones
  • Social networks – if it’s on Facebook, then its legit! With organizations like Buzzfeed that organize information into listicles, they are giving the people what they want
  • Cameras – anyone with a smartphone has a camera, so technically everyone can be a news reporter
  • Money – advertising through the Internet is easier now than ever, so why pay the paper to advertise in it?
  • Drones – news can be reported live through the Internet!