Most of you probably think, ‘it’s winter so why bother?’ You think you should just be curled up on your couch, drinking hot chocolate, reading a book, watching whatever is on TV and basically turning into a couch potato. But the truth is that you just have that healthy fear of frostbites because you simply hate the cold weather. I personally think that winter is a romantic season and, either way, you should always look and feel your best at any time of the year.
Don’t hibernate and wake up when spring comes knocking at the door; use this season to establish and accomplish goals while you reflect on your life. Imagine the upcoming summer, wearing your swimming suits and exposing your muffin tops or your love handles, trust me they were never fashionable and they never ever will be. So take this winter as an opportunity to shed a few kilos, maintain your weight, be healthy and to absolutely not use this season as an excuse to indulge in that Nutella jar. After all, that will only lead you to gaining extra weight. Here are my top 10 ways on how to stay active during the winter. Hopefully, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Two hours every other day in the gym can never hurt anyone, but on the contrary they will benefit yo u to the ultimate maximum; this will improve your mood, increase your energy levels and most importantly make you sleep much better. If the gym you’re joining has an indoor pool, take a swim. Swimming helps in moving every single muscle in body, also if a sauna is available you should sit there for around 5-10 minutes a few times a week. It flushes toxins, cleanses the skin, burns calories and relieves stress!

Walk the malls, walk those escalators up and down. Who knows you might just find those missing pieces to your closet and get your cardio workout done. If you see something that you want to buy and money is tight, make it a short-term goal for yourself. Once you accomplish it, the satisfaction will be very rewarding.

Play basketball or football or anything really. Trust me when I say this, it is genuinely more fun to play during winter, especially when there is that cold breeze and you are running to keep yourself warm. Plus, in team sports the more the merrier! So if you like your friends to be around when you’re exercising, forming a sports team is the perfect thing to do. When you are playing sports in the winter, remember to always dress in layers so that your body temperature stays fairly warm, so that you can burn more calories.
I am very serious about this point, go clubbing or dance like crazy in your room! Both are exactly the same. Thanks to modern music nowadays, there are tracks where you can get your exercise in while busting a groove. For example, Beyoncé’s “Move Your Body” changed from her original track “Get Me Bodied” and it’s a perfect song to get your heart rate up, not just because the song is epic but also the moves are easy to do and it’s really fun. Get your friends in on it and when all of you gather in someone’s house let the music rip and the fun that you will have is priceless.

Cleaning your room counts as being active, combine it with the dancing and your chore can become your almost favorite activity. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator also counts big time.

If all of these tips do not tickle your interest, why not go for a walk outside or a run? It is your cheapest choice as it costs nothing and you can take a friend with you or your significant other so you can increase your bond. Now allow me to tell you the advantages of being active outdoors:
You do not get hot; your body does not overheat so it makes exercise easier. It builds your mental and physical toughness; you become patient and increase you endurance for pain.
It makes you happier; when exercising your body releases endorphins, and they are hormones that act as your body’s feel-good chemical. These hormones will boost your mood naturally and decrease stress which will make you generally sleep better.

Remember To Always make Better Food Choices
• A salad once in a while would not hurt
• Go for baked instead of fried
• Snack on fruits
• Drink green tea (if you are thinking eww! I had the same reaction, but it’ll grow on you. Remember to drink it without sugar!)
• Go brown; change all your whites to brown (brown bread and brown rice), you’ll be in a shock once you discover how delicious and tasty they are.
• Instead of having the full fried eggs with sausages and hash browns for breakfast, substitute it with a couple slices of brown bread toasted to perfection, eat it with slices of white cheese and thank me later.
• Drink plenty of water.