How To Stay Warm & In Style ( According To Your Grandma )

Girls, don’t we all have to face the awkward moment of walking into our Grandma’s house after having been out with friends? The second you walk through the door, you get the generation difference remarks that go like, “I miss you sweetheart, you look great. But sweetie, isn’t it a bit cold for those leggings? And the shirt is too short for this, you need to wear something longer to keep you warm.” To avoid the embarrassment, we present to you the Grandma rules of wearing clothes/


Grandma Rule #1: Replace those leggings with wool stockings of all colors. They can sure keep you warm during this freezing weather.


Grandma Rule #2: Add on top of the stockings a mini-skirt with exactly the colors that wouldn’t match with the stockings (according to you) to get the complete love of grandma.


Grandma Rule #3: Forget about those knee-high boots. Either you wear a white ballerina, or a sandal to give the stockings the final beauty touch.


Grandma Rule #4: Regarding the shirt, any colorful, polka-dotted shirt would be acceptable, preferably one that has a bow at the neck. A red vest over it would be the best way to keep your waist from getting cold.


Grandma Rule #5: As for the coat, grandma hates to see all these puffed up waterproof jackets and coats! You need to wear the really long, shiny coats that have a puffed shoulder, a high neck and are wide enough to fit the rest of the clothes in your closet. These are very stylish, and no matter how many layers you want to wear, you have enough space. It can be replaced by a brown glossy leather jacket when the weather allows that.


Golden Grandma Rule: Grandma requests that you always braid your hair because that’s how a clean girl is recognized from others.


By OC Staff- Saria Kanawati