Channel 1- Development

OC ensures that students are equipped with the skills, knowledge and understanding needed in order to grow and develop our campuses , ourselves and our community.

OC is the youngest company in Jordan(the team age ranges between 17 and 22 years old) and concentrates on tapping the potential and building competencies of those students who come from different universities in Jordan.

Channel 2- Connecting

OC enables young people to get closer to the issues that affect them as well as campuses within its network. Whether through focus groups, magazines, social media networking and OC Application, OC hopes that young people are connected to youth development opportunities and the wider world of civic society.

Channel 3- Advocacy and Campaigning

OC acts as a campaigning youth group committed to promoting young people’s rights in addition to supporting a range of youth development programs and movements, on a local, regional and international level.