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    • DARPA

      Sultan Abdel Hamid, The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or Darpa, funds a prize competition called the Darpa Robotics Challenge in 2012. The mission of this competition […]

    • Australian Open

      Saria Kanawati, A very interesting Australian Open is taking place. In the quarter finals, Novak Djokovic beat Milos Raonic; Stan Wawrinka beat Kei Nishikori; Tomas Berdych beat Rafael […]

    • Finance Junk

      Sultan Abdel Hamid, There are two important types of people, a person who eats out all the time, sleeps little, and barely exercises, and another who does just […]

    • Goodbye Asian Cup

      Saria Kanawati, Our hopes in qualifying to the Asian Cup ended tragically with a 2-0 defeat by Japan. Keisuke Honda scored the first goal for Japan in the […]

    • Fun Health Facts

      Sultan Abdel Hamid,   Goosebumps help raise the temperature of the body  from muscular contractions Every 27 days, we shed and re-grow our outer skin cells The left […]

    • Another FIFA President Nominee

      Saria Kanawati, As the presidential election of the FIFA is approaching, more people are announcing their intentions of nominating themselves to run against the current president, Sepp Blatter. […]

    • Oculus Rift DK2

      Sultan Abdel Hamid, Announced as this year’s best tech, the Oculus Rift DK2 is a state of art! It is a virtual reality head-mounted display that allows developers […]

    • Highest Earning Football Clubs

      Saria Kanawati, According to the Deloitte Money League of 2015, the following are the top earning football clubs: 1. (1) Real Madrid 2. (4) Manchester United 3. (3) […]

    • Music intervention

      Sultan Abdel Hamid, We are all familiar with the theory that music can rest the soul and act as a stress reliever. But how true is this claim? […]

    • Operation Smile

      Sultan Abdel Hamid, Since it is technically still the beginning of a new year, you should hopefully still be thinking about your 2015 resolutions. What if you incorporated […]

    • Destination Unknown!

      Saria Kanawati, Jordanian Basketball is headed to an abyss, it seems. After the current Jordan Basketball Federation President, Samer Asfour, submitted his resignation letter, and after a meeting […]

    • Modern Antibiotic

      Sultan Abdel Hamid, Great discovery on the doors of 2015! For around 50 years, scientists have developed generations and generations of antibiotics. The battle between bacteria and antibiotic […]

    • Oops, I did it again

      Sultan Abdel Hamid, Google’s Project Zero is a “secret” team of hackers that hunts down bugs in worldwide software like Microsoft, giving them 90 days to fix the […]

    • Awards Season

      Sultan Abdel Hamid, ‘Tis truly the season to be jolly! What can be better than evaluating all of the top movies of 2014 and awarding all the actors […]

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